About Us

Looking for an incredible way to entertain?  Wine on Wheels Iowa is just that!  Imagine a traveling party to meet your celebration needs that includes drinks, music and more!

Founded in 2018, Wine on Wheels Iowa is the creative idea of two Iowa natives.  Born and raised in Iowa, Dave and Jeremy wanted to provide a fun, new, innovative way to help people celebrate.  Who knows better than what Iowans like during celebrations than two of its very own?  They bring over 40 years of combined experience in hosting parties, tailgates and ragbrai events.

Wine on Wheels is a portable entertainment extravaganza that provides the perfect addition to any outdoor event.  A number of different types of wine, craft beers and spirits (better known as cocktails) are brought to you in a state of the art traveling bar.  Fully equipped with music, tents, lighting and tables, Wine on Wheels transforms any event.  A perfect compliment for casual or elegant celebrations to include weddings, birthday parties, graduations, festivals of any other outdoor event.  A live DJ can be part of the experience.  The sky is the limit!

Wine on Wheels is based in North Liberty, Iowa.  We can travel across the state to meet your celebration needs.

To learn more on how Wine on Wheels can help spice up your event, contact us at wineonwheelsiowa@gmail.com.